Pacific Pure Air

I was hired to create a logo for Pacific Pure Air. A new company specializing in equipment that works as a room disinfection using fog. Alongside this created brand guidelines for the overall look and feel for the company from a visual standpoint.

Pacific Pure Air
Brand Guidelines

final pacific pure air logo

I began the logo redesign by sketching out any and all ideas I had. I wanted to focus on a typographic logo so I began with the general P shape. Here are a plethora of ideas I originally brought to the client.

Here are a couple ideas using a specified color pallet. The client was very inspired by colors so I used it as a way to experiement.

pacific pure air brainstorm
pacific pure air brainstorm

Final Outcome

The final logo can be paired with and without modified type. We came to a final color choice based on printing requirements.

Along side this I put together brand guidelines that may use for future branding. The logo needed to work in any form, if that be merch, product or online. I decided to keep it a flat vector so that they will never have problems addapting the logo to new areas.

pacific pure air final logo
pacific pure air brand guidelines